5 Factors To Consider When Hiring A Reliable International Cargo Shipping Company

You should find a reliable international cargo shipping company if you’re moving overseas. That is, if you hire the international shipping services of the right provider, the process of sending your household goods abroad can be easier. Otherwise, it could become a complicated and tiresome undertaking. Here are 5 simple tips for hiring a reputable and reliable international cargo shipping company:

Listen to feedback from other customers. Can the company deliver your goods safely and on time? Are they efficient in their facilities and delivery? What do other customers say about the international cargo shipping services offered by the company? Is their staff friendly and caters to your needs as a customer? How was the experience of other customers when they hired the company? Be particular about these things so you don’t have to waste time doing business with the wrong company. Read through the company’s website and read reviews, testimonials and forums about them.

Get an easy-to-understand freight quote. Look through the website of the company and get a simple freight quote. Don’t be misled by hidden fees. See to it that the company is clear about their charges. Get a computation of all the pricing needed for transporting your household goods abroad. A reputable company offers a free quote tool in their website for the convenience of their customers.

Does the company utilize a shipping tracking facility? Ask if the company has a cargo tracking tool as part of their equipment. Shipping tracking is very important if you’re shipping your household goods to another country. It will be very comforting if you know the whereabouts of your items while waiting for them to be delivered to your doorstep. You have to be in-the-know if your cargo is being shipped via the right route. Pick an international cargo shipping company that offers a cargo tracking tool.

Do business with international shipping experts. Does the company understand all the ins and outs in terms of international ocean shipping? Is their staff able to guide you about the necessary documentations and paperwork for transferring your cargo overseas? The company should be an expert in dealing with the rules and regulations of the Federal Maritime Commission and custom’s clearance, among others so that there won’t be hitches in transporting your household goods.

Consider your options in relation to your situation and budget. You’re normally presented with a variety of options if you’re shipping your goods overseas. You’ll have to choose from different varieties of container sizes and types along with shipping and delivery choices. If you want your car to be shipped to another country for instance, you can either choose a roll on-roll off service or you can have it shipped via a shipping container. It depends on your budget and particular situation. Is it more efficient to hire a door-to-door service or a port-to-port delivery? Consider the difference in logistics and cost for your options. You need to make the right decisions in relation to your time, budget and situational needs.

Picking The Right Translation Company: The Key to Go Global

A research conducted by IBISWorld, an Australian research company, revealed that the translation industry is thriving by leaps and bounds, and by 2018, it is likely to reach $37 billion. Likewise, the U.S. bureau of Statistics has predicted a 42% growth of the translation service industry by 2020. Currently, the USA is the leading market for professional translation services.

Translation companies are in huge demand because-

(a) They play a significant role in the global expansion of your business.

(b) Guarantee reliable and precise translation of your business documents.

(c) Allow you to communicate accurately with your target audience around the world.

In order to stand out in the global economy, it is highly imperative to convey your brand message precisely to your global customers–including the non-English speaking customers. This is possible only if you can spread your message in various local languages to reach out to your target audiences across the world. Numerous small and large businesses have realized the importance of translating their brand message as an effective marketing tool, and this is the key reason that has led to the growth of professional online services for translation.

Translation service companies across the globe generate their business from both private industries and the government sector. The services offered by translation service companies include –

(a) translation of written materials; and
(b) interpreting services in multiple dialects and languages.

Translation of written materials indicate translation of paper documents, digital documentation, and translating website content into different languages so as to drive global web traffic by enabling people from various countries to easily comprehend the content of your site.

While choosing a translation service company, you should take the following factors into consideration –

1. It is advisable to choose a multilingual translation service that can translate your documents into different regional languages.

2. Conduct a bit of thorough research to make sure the translation company is reliable and reputable. You should always pick agencies that are certified or officially accredited.

3. Always consider agencies offer quality work at a quick turnaround time.

4. The company should have native speakers in its team to guarantee technical as well as the cultural accuracy of the translated content.

5. The translators should be well-informed about the industry that your business falls under so that they can provide you with accurate work. For example, if you want the translation of legal documents, the translation service company should be qualified in legal translation.

6. Ensure that the vendor provides a smooth service by allocating a proficient Project Manager to supervise the translation work assigned by you.

7. Make sure the translation company protects your privacy by guaranteeing the confidentiality and security of your documents.

8. Check if the website of the company features informative blog posts or articles in that particular niche. At the same time, look at the client feedback and references available on the website; this will help you understand the quality of translation service provided by the company.

9. Find out if the company provides an easy to use cloud platform that facilitates easy submission and archiving of documents. Cloud APIs enable you to share content with the vendor’s systems thus, allowing the vendor to share the translated materials back to you.

10. Last but not least, the company should provide clients with round-the-clock customer care service to cater to the queries received from global clients.

How to Go About Selecting the Right LSP for Document Translation Services

Since the advent of globalization, the gains, as well as challenges for the new-world companies, have increased manifold. There are new segments, new demographics for every kind of product under one’s wings. There is ample room for experimentation, creativity, and expansion. All this has become possible because of the way the world has changed.

At the same time, with the rise of this new economy and with digital forces dissolving boundaries, there are so many concerns too. Like:

How to ensure that products and communication are understood in the right way by new segments?
The pitfalls of misinterpretation when it comes to marketing communication.
The possibility of documents being construed in a wrong or a vague manner by important stakeholders in the entire chain.
Regulatory question-marks and compliance requirements.
Managing websites, apps, product manuals, instructions and social communication in a coherent and clear manner.
Handling ambiguity with important documents, especially legal ones.

In order to ensure that all such concerns are handled in a proactive manner and without damaging the plans and strategies for a global game, one has to rely on that missing piece of the puzzle called – Translation.

Language Translation is not merely something oriented at language parts, as one often perceives. It is an overall strategic element that can impact more than what one usually thinks. This is a mechanism that will handle more than the documents and linguistic parts if one approaches a professional and experienced LSP (Language Service Provider).

Good LSPs make sure to iron out every small or big wrinkle that approaching a new and strange market may involve. It is like striking out many goals with one stroke. This is where one can take care of document translation services, be it an instruction manual or a legal document, with ease and confidence. They bring project management skills, precision, a good grip on the document compliances required by different countries.

Such professional LSPs can also cover multiple needs w.r.t documents that a company may want immediately or in the course of the global strategy. Like:

Website translation
Document Translation Services
Document management and lifecycle supervision
Glossary composition
Post-editing support

The range of documents covered usually include,

Legal documents like Contracts, Agreements, Court Orders, Immigration documents
Financial documents such as Policies, Terms and Conditions etc.
Medical documents such as patient consent documents etc
Business document translation such as Business Agreements, Memorandum of Understanding, Articles of Association, Annual Reports,
Marketing documents such as Press Notes, Dealer agreements etc.

Many of these documents are quite time sensitive. So language translation has to be done within a specified time after it arrives on the desk of the LSP. This means that the LSP you hire needs to have enough language resources like native translators, proofreaders and other support functions like designers etc. if required. Apart from native translators, it is always preferable to have industry-specific translators or also called as subject matter experts (SMEs) who can get the industry-specific jargon correctly and thus achieve accurate translation. Lastly, for a company that is global, the number of languages being dealt with by an LSP matters. So you can save time by getting language translation done in all the target languages at one go with one service provider.